Big Gains with Minimal Effort

Asad Dossani

Trading, as you know, is a tough business. No amount of time and effort guarantees success. You can do everything right and still end up losing money. Or worse, you can do the wrong thing and up making a profit by chance. And the resulting false confidence leads to bigger losses down the road.

This is the reason we are here. To help you do everything right. To help you find profitable trading strategies. And to prevent you from losing too much money when things go wrong.

Trading strategies come in many flavours. Some focus on stocks, while others focus on commodities. Some use charts, while others use backtesting. Some capture frequent small gains, while others capture fewer large gains. So far, our focus has been frequent small gains. That changes now.

What if there was a way to capture big trends? You wouldn't have to trade very often. When you did trade, you'd simply let your profits run.

We regularly get feedback from our subscribers. And points we hear over and over again go like this:

'I'd love to start trading, but I don't have time.'

'This sounds great, but I have a full-time job.'

Does this sound like you?

The beauty of this approach is big gains combined with minimal effort. Remember that big trends occur over a longer period of time. So there is no need to watch the markets day in and day out. There is no need to constantly trade. This is perfect for those with work and family commitments.

I started by telling you that trading is a tough business. That this is one business where you can do everything right and still lose money. But that isn't the whole story.

Trading is also a fun business. And it is the one business where you can sit back, do very little, and make a lot of money. This is of course why so many of us trade in the first place.

Now if you want to know more about how capture big gains, I have good news. My colleague Apurva has been working on exactly this. He's found a way to capture these big trends. A tried and tested process that works. This is a fabulous opportunity for new and experienced traders.

To learn more, read his latest report: How to Boost Trading Profits in Four Easy Steps. It is worth Rs 950, but you can download it for free.

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13 Responses to "Big Gains with Minimal Effort"
26 Feb, 2017
HPlese send us the list of shares give immediate returns&long term best investmentsLike 
Raju Reddy K.C.
22 Feb, 2017
list shares for long term investment with high profitsLike (1)
21 Feb, 2017
Please send us the list of shares which can give immediate returnsLike (2)
Vikas pandkar
21 Feb, 2017
This is a boost in the armsLike (1)
Ashok Kumar
20 Feb, 2017
Look forward to your inputs, which will improve my selection of scripts for trading. Regards,Like 
Paramjit Singh
20 Feb, 2017
Please send me the hot shares to give big returns in short termLike (1)
20 Feb, 2017
hiLike (1)
19 Feb, 2017
Please send me list of hot shares in 2017Like (7)
19 Feb, 2017
amulya chandra mandal
19 Feb, 2017
pls send big gain with minimal effort machnismLike 
17 Feb, 2017
Have been an avid reader of most of the post on Equity Master. But feel this is the first time , will be benefitting from your " trading" startergies by Apurva. Have made good profits by subscribing " Hidden Treasure". Thanks .Like 
17 Feb, 2017
A good introductory book with examples using RSI. I am keenly interested in Swing trading and would like to use the methodology to trade with both uptrends and downtrends. Hope this expected offering from DPH can thus be used to greater benefit, than Profit Velocity. Like 
17 Feb, 2017
A great insightful exposure to the stocks. Thank you very much.Like (1)
We request your view! Post a comment on "Big Gains with Minimal Effort". Click here!