This is Your Last Chance to Try SCOREFASTTM

Asad Dossani

By now, you've heard all about SCOREFASTTM. My colleague Apurva has spent the last year working on this. It's is a strategy designed to capture the biggest gains in trading. For example, one trade generated a 61% return in just two months!

How do you do it? The key is finding the stocks with the biggest upside potential. Stocks with the biggest upside potential are often heavily beaten down. They've suffered and consolidated a large down move. This is when they are set to skyrocket.

When you focus on stocks that have fallen, you limit the potential downside. Meanwhile, the potential upside is enormous.

Now, it isn't a simple case of just buying stocks that are down. Not all beaten down stocks recover. But some do. And the ones that do follow a predictable pattern. They meet certain criteria. These criteria are identified by the SCOREFASTTM system. SCOREFASTTM is a set of indicators and patterns that identify a major reversal.

But that's not all. Once a stock is identified, there's a clear exit strategy. You must have heard the old investing advice: Let your winners run and cut our losers short. Nowhere is this truer than with the SCOREFASTTM strategy. That's because the strategy uses a trailing stoploss. A trailing stoploss protects your capital while letting your winners run.

It works like this: Once you buy the stock, you set a stoploss some percentage below the entry price. If the stock falls, you close out the trade and minimise your losses. If the stock rises, the stoploss rises with it. As long as the stock is going up, the trade remains in place. We exit only when the trend is over and the stoploss is hit.

This means you capture the big winners. The sky is the limit in terms of how high a stock can go. Some trading strategies are intended to capture short-term gains. They enter and exit stocks quickly, making a tidy profit in the process.

But SCOREFASTTM is different. It is not about small profits. It is about big gains. It is about the biggest gains you can get by trading. It is a trading strategy with perhaps the largest possible upside.

Now, SCOREFASTTM is not for everyone. It requires a bit of patience. Long trends take time to develop. But the rewards are well worth the wait. If this sounds like your kind of trading strategy, now is the time to sign-up.

In fact, this may be your last chance. The Founder Member Offer will close tomorrow at midnight. So hurry up!


Market Notes

Sensex At New Highs, Have You Missed the Bus?

Stock markets are at their all-time high. I am sure you'd like to profit from this rally. But investors often fear the markets after they've hit new highs. So they watch the markets hit new highs daily, but do nothing about it.


They believe the markets have already risen a lot and investing now would not help them generate great returns. They wait for a correction to enter. But this 'correction' never comes and the markets keep hitting new highs. In the end, they're just tape watchers.

So people usually believe it's a bad idea to be in the stock markets when they're hitting new highs. But 37 years of history is against them.

Stock markets perform much better after hitting new highs. Surprised?

The name of the game is 'momentum'. You should own stocks after a new high.

This is how momentum strategy works: Invest when markets are moving up and avoid markets when they are going down.

We studied S&P BSE Sensex monthly data from 1980. And calculated the average index returns six months after they hit a six-month high and a six-month low.

Average Six-Month Returns of S&P BSE Sensex

The results are amazing. After you see this, you will want to own stocks hitting a six-month high.

Just have a look at the chart above. The Sensex generated an average 13.48% return after it hit a new six-month high. The average six-month returns after hitting a new six-month low aren't bad either. But they aren't better than the returns after the index hit a six-month high.

This may shock you. But the data don't lie. And after studying the data, we believe new highs are actually good. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching the markets hit new highs all the time, it is better to take advantage of the markets' momentum. After all, the history is with you.

The Sensex hit a new six-month high this week. And I am sure you don't want to waste your time thinking markets are overbought...or that we're in a bubble. Of course, we cannot guarantee history will repeat. But stocks do tend to deliver their best six-month returns after a new six-month high.

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