The purpose of our existence

Apurva Sheth
For the last few days I have been writing about Warren Buffett's Investing principles and how they can be applied to trading as well. For some of you it was an eye-opening experience as you may not have seen investment and trading in the same light before. In a way, trading and investing are not very different because  success in both depend more on the qualitative aspects, like emotions and psychology rather than the quantitative aspects like forecasts and price targets.

Over this period I received quite a good number of queries on the 12 principles that were useful for traders.  Reader Mr. Nilesh Doshi asked us.

"The second advice of Mr. Buffet that make your own investment decision and do not rely on advice of broker or advisor. In such case why we need your help?? Please reply and do not avoid"

This may look like a tough question and one would assume that people would generally ignore the tough questions. And to think like this is perfectly normal because that's what most people do.

But let me tell you we at Daily Profit Hunter believe in dealing with tougher questions head on. And I thank Mr. Nilesh for asking this question as this has given us an opportunity to talk about a very fundamental aspect of Daily Profit Hunter and the purpose of its existence.

The question that is raised here is why is there a need for Daily Profit Hunter when you are asking people to take their own investment or trading decision? On one hand we are asking people to take their own decisions and on the other hand we are recommending trading ideas through our services Alpha Trader & Swing Trader. This sounds very contradictory, doesn't it? I am sure Mr. Nilesh is not the only one who thought like this. There are many others who might have thought of the same question but have not asked it so far.

I will answer this question in a step-by-step manner.

What is Daily Profit Hunter?

The Daily Profit Hunter was founded in June 2014 to bring you what we believe is perhaps your most trusted resource for trading and derivatives investment strategies in India. Our aim is to provide high potential independent research and trade ideas.

Apart from research, we also focus on educating you on the ways in which you can profit from short term investment opportunities, be it through our services, our newsletter, our e-learning courses, or our market commentaries. Daily Profit Hunter is all about trading and learning how to trade profitably.

What is the mission of Daily Profit Hunter?

Our mission is to empower retail traders with high potential independent research and profitable trading strategies. Our second goal is to help you become the best trader you can be.

The institutional players consider entry of retail investors in the markets as a warning sign of a trend reversal. Normally, it is said that retail investors enter into the market at tops and exit at bottoms. So far there has been very little effort that has gone into improving the situation of retail investors. We have identified this not only as a business opportunity but also a place where we can make a difference and leave our mark on the society.

We have made retail empowerment as our mission and challenge. We strongly believe that retail investors should also make money, probably even more money than the institution guys make. So we have devoted all our efforts over the last few months to help the retail investors gain knowledge, gain a different view of trading and build confidence in them so that even they can trade profitably.

We have already taken our first few steps in this mission by taking a couple of hundred people along with us in this journey through our paid services.

However, we believe that no one should be left out of this movement so we have kept our newsletters free despite there being a market for that as well. And this is a promise from us that the newsletters will always remain free for life so that anyone, and everyone, can benefit from them.

The Profit Triggers Guide is another proof of our commitment to investor empowerment. More than 38,000+ unique readers downloaded this guide for free and are on the path to become better, more knowledgeable and independent traders.

We have tried to make this mission possible by giving access to simple honest opinions, by giving access to good research, by giving access to good tools that even the institutional guys have.

So far our efforts have yielded good results for us as well as our subscriber.  However, we believe that there is lot more left to be done. There are many more retail investor who are still sitting on the losing end and we want to change this.

Now I would like to answer the fundamental question which Mr. Dinesh has asked although he has not asked it in the exact words but the meaning behind it is the same. So the question which he and probably many others have in mind is... as follows.

If you succeed in your mission then why will anyone need Daily Profit Hunter? Wouldn't your mission be a threat to your own business and cannibalize you?

Again, this might sound harsh but I see a lot of concern for us behind this question in the minds of the person who is asking it. We are thankful to readers like you and everyone else who had this question in mind because our readers are also thinking about our survival apart from our own selves. A reader who is concerned about your survival is not only an asset to the business but also a blessing.

I will tell you why we are asking you to take your own investment or trading decisions and if you are able to do this confidently then this won't impact our survival, on the contrary this would grow our business.

Most of our subscribers join us after they have burnt their fingers by trading on their own or on others advice (broker or media) and most of them are unsuccessful.

Our mission is to empower such people by educating and providing adequate tools so that they can confidently take their own decisions. Obviously this won't happen in a day as it is a long journey and that's the reason why we want to be there along with you in this journey.

We want to be like a friend who will hold your bicycle and run with you until you learn to ride it properly. During this journey there will be times when you will lose your balance and maybe even fall down, but we want to assure you that we will be there to hold you and pick you up again until you find your balance and ride the bicycle without any fear of falling.

The moment we are able to do this consistently we will consider our mission accomplished. The ultimate success of a business depends on the number of happy clients it has and how many of them give repeat business. But we are not here just for the business. We are here because we want you to become a successful trader.

Equitymaster has done this very well in the field of long-term investments. We want to do the same in the field of trading. If you feel that you are confident enough to make your trading decisions yourself then we would be the happiest people to hear this from you. In that case, do write a testimonial for us. A testimonial from a happy subscriber will get us more business than anything else. This alone has the potential to take care of our survival and growth.

So it's okay if you walk away as independent traders by subscribing to our free newsletters and/or paid services. However, we also understand that everyone won't be able to spare the necessary time required for research and this is where we fit in. By charging a small fee we provide high potential independent research and trade ideas, we believe this is beneficial for both of us. Survival of a business in the long run will depend only if it's able to manifest a win-win proposition for its customers as well as itself. And that's what we are here for.

In the end, we would like to remind you that our success as a business depends only on the goodwill of our customers. Alternatively put, your success is our success, so you can always count on us.

Has Daily Profit Hunter created a win-win proposition for itself and all its readers? Share your views in the Club or share your comments here.

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4 Responses to "The purpose of our existence"
pramod kumar
20 Apr, 2015
I likeLike 
Raj Gopal Baldwa
17 Apr, 2015
dear profit hunter I appreciate your efforts ti educate retail investor but request u to be s oecific on advise.Like 
RS Rathore
16 Apr, 2015
Dear Mr. Apurva Seth, Your reply to Nilesh's question is convincing alright. Now let me just reveal to you that I had subscribed to Swing Trader only because of faith in you i.e. Profit Hunter of EM. In fact, at times you recommend scripts for swing traders, which valuewise are in 1000s per share and that definitely becomes a matter of great concern for the retailers, whether they agree to my view or not e.g. your fresh recommendation of yesterday evening. I felt like a hole in the head. In fact, people who have subscribed to your various services of equity on the faith that you are the experts of your fields in analysing the stocks. Very simple. No confusion at all. Yes, some of us when do not follow strictly like me at times, have to bear with the adverse results because of our own mistakes. Eventually, I'am afraid, I do not know as to how would you react to my suggestion for within the reach stocks for retailers instead of recommendation for heavy weight stocks. Sincerely.Like 
S R Venkitachalam
15 Apr, 2015
Hi Pl explain how a decline of say 100 points occurs in Nifty (as occurred 2day) in a few minutes!!! Is it due to huge selling by a few or large number of traders or some basket orders being executed or something else? I am unable to comprehend this. Kindly enlighten Like 
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