How to Make Money Trading Gold

Asad Dossani
Last week I told you that gold is going to crash. Attitudes to the yellow metal have reached a point where nearly everyone is bullish. And the data show that institutions and individuals are stocking up on gold.

Predictably, many readers disagreed with me. For all the fundamental forces in favour of gold, a crash seems the least likely outcome. But really, the strong bullish sentiment towards gold is proving my original point.

Buying gold is a crowded trade. When everyone is buying, things usually end badly. Gold has all the makings of a bubble. A crash is simply a matter of time.

Does this mean you should go out and short gold? Not necessarily. Predicting when the gold bubble will burst is a fool's game. It could crash tomorrow. Or it could crash in a year. Or maybe I'm wrong and it won't crash at all.

Instead of debating the likelihood of a crash, a better use of our time is to learn how to make money trading gold. And I'm not talking about making profits from a crash that could take a whole year. I'm talking about making money right now.

The best way to make money with gold is to trade it. Buy it when we think it'll go up. Sell it when we think it'll go down. As long as we're right more often than we're wrong, this is a winning strategy.

The more often we trade, the more opportunities we get. This is why I like to take short-term views on gold. Buy it today; sell it a few days later. Sell it next week; buy it back a few days later. Repeat and watch your balance grow over time.

If only it were that easy!

For this to work, you need a solid trading strategy. One that is tried and tested. One that works across market conditions. One that minimises risk while maximising profits. One that adapts to a constantly changing environment.

Without such a strategy, your balance is likely to shrink, rather than grow over time.

The good news is that these trading strategies exist. And I implement such a strategy myself at Alpha Trader. Our goals are simple:

First, don't lose money. Risk management is the backbone of any successful strategy. I've seen some of the best traders lose their shirts because they didn't manage risk.

Second, maximise profits. We trade a lot. Sometimes we make money; other times we don't. Over time, the winners overpower the losers. Our balance grows.

You won't find this strategy anywhere else. That's because I've designed it myself. You need an edge to make money trading, and this is why I custom design my own trading strategies. You can try it for yourself, risk free for thirty days.

Do you plan to trade gold? Let us know in the Club or share your comments here.

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2 Responses to "How to Make Money Trading Gold"
Brian J.W. Muchiri
02 Nov, 2016
Dear Asad, is your gold trading strategy still available for trial?Like 
dinesh ahuja
29 May, 2016
be careful about your stoplosses because in gold every stoploss hits + or - in a day , which ever side you play.Like 
We request your view! Post a comment on "How to Make Money Trading Gold". Click here!