Why Successful Traders are Made, not Born

Asad Dossani

Today is the second day of Apurva's 87-day trading challenge. For the next 87 days, you can become a master trader even if you have no prior experience.

There's a famous story about a group of traders called the Turtle Traders. Richard Dennis, a successful trader, decided one day that he could teach anyone how to become a successful trader. So he found a group of students. They each had minimal prior experience. But they all had a desire to trade. And the willingness to learn how.

Richard Dennis set out to show that successful traders are made, not born. That anyone willing to learn could become a successful trader. The end result was a big success. This group of traders made millions of dollars. Dennis taught them a trend following system. A set of rules to identify the next big move. All they had to do was apply it.

We like this story because if reflects our own values. We believe that anyone can become a successful trader. Provided they have the right guidance and willingness to learn.

We're ready to provide the guidance. If you're willing to learn, then this is your chance. Sign up for Apurva's 87-day trading challenge. He will show you how to become a successful trader.

For years, Apurva has perfected his trading method. His approach comes from analysing the charts. And finding the right combination of indicators and patterns. It's fairly simple, but it lets him identify the next big move with astounding accuracy. You can see an example of his approach here.

You too can do this. Over the next 87 days, Apurva will reveal his method. He won't just tell you how it works. He'll show you how to use it. Remember that our goal is to make you into a successful trader. And prove that successful traders are made, not born.

Now is the time to sign up. Today is day two of the challenge and it will expire at exactly 11:59 PM, on Monday, 31st July, 2017. so you shouldn't delay a minute longer. This is a fantastic opportunity. I wish I had something like this when I first started trading. I could have avoided all the classic beginner mistakes.

Think of it this way. Apurva has years of trading experience. You get access to all those years of knowledge in less than three months. How can you lose?


Market Notes

Become a Turtle Trader in Just 87 Days

Are you ready to become a successful trader like Richard Dennis' Turtle Traders?

If yes, it's just a matter of 87 days. Even if you are new to trading or have had bad experiences with trading, you can still become a turtle trader and learn to bag consistently good returns in just weeks.

The catch?

To become a successful trader, you must be willing to learn.

In a previous market note, Apurva shared a simple trading strategy from his technical analysis toolbox that helped him lock double-digit gains in just six days. By applying the trend channel line, Apurva's subscribers bagged 10% gains in Future Retail Ltd.

Today, Apurva shares another tool from his technical analysis kit.

Over to Apurva...

    Support and resistance are the most basic tools of the technical analyst. And I believe they are one of the best tools for traders as well as investors.

    What is support and resistance?

    Support is the price level at which demand is thought to be strong enough to prevent the price from declining further. Similarly, resistance is the price level at which selling is thought to be strong enough to prevent the price from rising further. So support is a point where buyers are more enthusiastic than sellers and therefore more willing to bid up prices and vice versa.

    An illustration will help you understand better.

    Supports and Resistances
    The point A, C, E, and G are the points of resistance where supply is greater than demand. The sellers at this point are more aggressive than buyers which leads the price to go down. Similarly, B, D, and F are the points of support where demand is greater than supply.

    I use this tool in two ways.

    First, whenever the price reverses from the support or resistance line, I call it as an opportunity to go long or short respectively.

    Second, I also use support and resistance on their respective penetration. That is, I would recommend a buy when the price overhauls the resistance line and sell when the price penetrates below the support line.

    Another important feature of support and resistance is that previous resistance usually acts as support and vice versa. The green horizontal line in the chart above acted as a resistance at point L and N which previously acted as a support at points B, D, F and H.

    Here's an example of how I used support and resistance tool to lock in double-digits gains in Eicher Motors for my subscribers.

    Trading with Support and Resistance Tools
    Trading with Support and Resistance Tools 
    Eicher Motors Ltd hit a life-time high of 21,555 in July 2015. It found resistance near the same levels twice and dropped down to 15,000 levels. It found support thrice at the 15,000 level.

    But the uptrend resumed in January 2016 and the stock rallied strongly to break the 21,500 level (which acted as a resistance in 2015) with healthy volumes. After the stock broke above the resistance, it consolidated for more than a month to find support from 21,500 level (previous resistance now acted as a support).

    I spotted this break of 21,500 resistance level and price finding support from this level after the break as an opportunity to trade.

    So on 30 August 2016, I recommended the stock to my subscribers. They got an entry opportunity on 9 September 2016 at a price of 23,000. The stock rocketed northwards in no time and hit the target price of 25,442 on 28 September.

    This trade generated a return of 10.62% in just 19 days for my subscribers.

So you see how simple technical analysis tools can generate quick double-digits returns. Now, Apurva believes that you too can use these tools and techniques to spot profitable trades.

And he has a challenge for you. It requires you to give bit of your time and effort. But Apurva's challenge can turn you from zero to a Turtle Trader in just 87 days.

Are you ready?

Sign up NOW!

From The Market Wizards...

'I have two basic rules about winning in trading as well as in life: 1. If you don't bet, you can't win. 2. If you lose all your chips, you can't bet.' - Larry Hite

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