Don't Fight Easy Money

Asad Dossani
Easy money is a hot topic. First it was record low interest rates. Then it was quantitative easing. And now we're headed for helicopter money. Imagine hundreds of people waiting in a field for banknotes to drop from the sky. Feels like we're in a movie.

But we're not. This is real. Central banks will try and try until they can try no more. As a trader and investor, how should you respond?

Chances are, you're disillusioned by what's going on. You believe that easy money is a cancer to our financial system. That the result of all this easy money is a major collapse right around the corner.

I agree with you. Except for the major collapse right around the corner. A collapse is surely possible. But right around the corner? Most predictions of a collapse are wrong. Those who predict crashes do so regularly, and then claim credit once it finally occurs. Even if they were wrong a hundred times before.

The fact is that predicting the timing of a crash is impossible. So let's not even try.

Instead, let's observe what the market is actually doing. Ignore the news and your opinions and just observe the price. What do you see?

Stock markets around the world are at record highs. If you've been convinced of an inevitable crash the last few years, you've missed out big time.

As a trader, your goal is to profit from market moves. That's it. You're not here to explain why the market is moving. And you're certainly not here to criticise the market for continually going up.

Remember that the central banks are going to do what they like. It isn't in our control. We can either complain about it, or we can profit from it.

As a trader, I don't care whether easy money is here to stay or not. I just want to find the trend and take my cut. When this easy money ends, I'll do the same thing. Identify and profit from the trends.

All my trading strategies follow this basic principle. Analyse price behavior, look for trends, and profit from them. No room for opinions or subjectivity. No need to explain why the price moved.

If helicopter money begins to fall from the sky, get yourself to that field, jump as high as you can, and grab your share. That's where I'll be.

If you're interested in learning more about easy money, let me introduce you to Vivek Kaul. He's an expert on the subject, with a volume of books to his name. He writes regularly too. Start by reading has latest report, What the Mainstream Media DID NOT TELL YOU about GST.

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3 Responses to "Don't Fight Easy Money"
13 Aug, 2016
While it's everybody's intention is to make money in the market, it may not do good to ignore the macro trends and look at the market only from narrow minded, short sighted and selfish mentality.Like 
Deepika desai
12 Aug, 2016
I am in total agreement with you .After being in the market for 10 years I have learnt my lessons and is being benefitted .Like 
12 Aug, 2016
Just because there is no inflation. These developed countries are playing with all tricks of easy money. Inflation is a dead animal. Like (1)
We request your view! Post a comment on "Don't Fight Easy Money". Click here!