Your Profit Hunter Is Changing...For the Better

Apurva Sheth

For too long, retail traders lost out to professional traders because they simply didn't have access to the same resources. In June 2014, we created Profit Hunter - to level that playing field and give you access to knowledge and wisdom through our newsletters.

Over the last three years, Profit Hunter's readership has grown steadily. We now have 75,000 readers...and counting.

Demystifying Trading

Our mission is to empower you to become a better trader. So in our newsletter, we wrote to demystify technical analysis, algorithms, risk management, and trading psychology.

We explained these complex concepts in simple straightforward language, so even a layman could understand it.

I still remember the first article I sent out to our readers. - What Moves the Markets? It seems basic. But that's where all the learning comes from - by answering the basic questions - and laying foundation.

I addressed other basic questions - why retail traders lose money and what we can we do about it - laying out The Golden Rule of Position Sizing.

Successful Trades and Techniques

As we grew closer, I shared my techniques of analyzing stocks and picking profitable trades with you. I also shared with you one of my favourite and best techniques, Contrarian Trading in Stocks With RSI.

I have shared many examples of my winners, and more importantly, how I picked them. (You can read about them here, here and here.) I even shared my successes and failures along the way so you could learn from them.

Calling Out the Markets

I have never been afraid to take a bold stand and often shared my views on the markets. I published, Do The Charts Support a 70% Sensex Surge? in April 2016, right after the bear market of 2015.

I followed up on it with another question in January 2017 - Do The Charts Still Support a 70% Surge?

More recently, I made my boldest prediction of 2017 in this article - The New Pharma Rally Starts NOW. And Pharma is not alone, the IT sector could remain in an uptrend till February 2019 - It's the Best Time to Buy IT Stocks.

Not Just All Work and No Play

I follow the markets like a hawk, but there are times you take a break and go to the movies or play a sport. For me, movies like Chak De! India, Dangal and sportsmen like Sachin Tendulkar have been sources of some important trading lessons.

So Where Am I Taking You Now?

If you have enjoyed reading Profit Hunter, then I have good news for you. Your Profit Hunter is changing for the better.

Recently, a reader wrote to us, "Best short-term opportunities? Nothing delivered. Signed up to your newsletter a week ago. Sorry to notice bundles of misleading marketing."

The reader had signed-up to the Profit Hunter newsletter after reading the following on our website.


He had signed up to the newsletter to get the best short-term opportunities but was disappointed to get none.

Right from beginning the purpose of our newsletter has been to provide you with trading education which is not just theoretical but also practical. We strive to provide you with knowledge which is actionable. The articles on 70% surge in Sensex or opportunities in IT & Pharma sector are a proof of that.

We have already solved half the problem by telling you where and when the opportunity lies through our letters. But this is still one step away from picking the best stock to capitalise on this opportunity.

As publishers, our aim has always been to publish content which is in the best interests of our readers. So, we asked ourselves: If telling you precisely where the best opportunity lies would help you then why shouldn't we do it?

This question has been on my mind for several months. I want to start including stock recommendations in my newsletter whenever my team and I find suitable opportunities.

I've finally figured out a way to make this happen... I took this idea to Rahul Goel, my publisher, and with a big old thump on my back he gave me his blessing to go ahead...

In my last letter, I told you that how some institutions survived and thrived in the most difficult market environment with a special strategy they used.

I am happy to inform you that I will be using the same strategy these institutions have used successfully to send you actionable recommendations.

So, full steam ahead it is. As we upgrade, I will keep you in the loop... Stay tuned in for my next letter this Sunday... and keep sending me your feedback as I bring you 'new' Profit Hunter.

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4 Responses to "Your Profit Hunter Is Changing...For the Better"
indubhushan raina
01 Nov, 2017
Do you have any package for guidance in FUTURES Trading for stocks or NIFTY, regards indu bhushan rainaLike 
Aga Shah
30 Oct, 2017
One more innovative way to fool around.Like 
30 Oct, 2017
very simple language descriptionLike (2)
Waseem abbas
27 Oct, 2017
Profit is very cool. U are the best in market. And ur newsletter really opens my mind and u predate thing much earlier about market. I dnt know whether I will earn money or not but I enjoy ur predictions especially how u predicted for IT and Pharma sector.Like (1)
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