Trade ONLY the Best Stocks

Apurva Sheth

'Trade ONLY the best fundamental stocks' - sums up the best trading advice I ever got from one of the most successful institutional investors I've ever met.

The Indian stock markets had just recovered from the 2008 crisis. And just when it looked like it was getting back on its feet in 2010 - it fell flat on its face.

It was one of the most difficult times to make money. But some institutions just went ahead and rocked these times anyways - like rock stars rocking out to an audience of the deaf.

To me, it almost appeared as if they were pulling money out of thin air - like magicians.

I had to find out, of course, so I spoke to a couple of these institutional investors and asked them their secret. That's when they said - If you want to make money from this market...any ONLY the best fundamental stocks.

It sounds too simple to be worthwhile - but for me it was the best trading lesson. And it could be beneficial for you too...I'll show you how in a moment.

After I learned the institutional secrets I developed my own process with the best known fundamental stocks out there. That's where Equitymaster comes into picture.

Equitymaster has the best fundamental research out there. With my hands on that gold mine of fundamental recommendations - I could apply technical filters -and discover my own magical method for making money appear out of thin air.

I had the best of both the worlds - fundamentals and technical - and it created magic.

Here's how I created this process of picking stocks. This is how it works...

Three-Step Process to Identify Best Techno
Funda Trading Opportunities

I follow a three-step process to identify the best fundamentally and technically strong trading opportunities...

First, I apply qualitative filters to build a universe of fundamentally strong stocks. I create a bucket of stocks chosen through the magnified lens of the Equitymaster Research team.

I include all the stocks recommended by the Equitymaster research team with an average liquidity criteria of Rs 5 million.

Then, I apply technical analysis tools like trendlines, volumes, support and resistance, momentum to identify timely entry and exit points. This helps in effectively utilising capital. This means you are invested in the stock only when the chances of moving up are highest.

Finally, I recommend stocks which pass both the filters with a maximum buy price along with target and stoploss percentages.

The advantage of this three-step process is that I have a large universe of the best fundamental stocks ready to go up immediately.

This is great news for you. I use this process to make recommendations in my new premium service - Profit Hunter Pro.

Hundreds of readers have already joined me and you can too. My special invitation is open only until midnight tomorrow.

If you want to be a part of it click here to know more now.

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kuldeep jain
20 Jan, 2018
how can idddentify multi baggerLike (5)
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