Trade Like Sachin Tendulkar

Apurva Sheth
Most people agree Sachin Tendulkar is one of the best batsmen in the world. I would go one step further and call him the best. He has hundreds of records under his name, many of which will remain unbeaten for a long time. But of all his records, one stands out...

He scored the highest runs in both test and one-day cricket: 15,921 runs in test matches facing 29,437 balls and 18,421 runs in ODIs facing 21,367 balls. To achieve this feat, he hit 2,058 fours and 69 sixes in tests and 2,016 fours and 195 sixes in ODIs apart from the ones, twos, and threes.

Audiences generally love watching and prefer their favourite batsmen hit boundaries more often than taking singles or doubles. Sachin was no different. Once in form, people expected him to hit a boundary on every ball.

I'm glad that Sachin didn't do what people expected but instead did what was right. That's what makes him the greatest batsmen ever. One of the most important skills of a good batsman is to know which ball to hit and which one to leave. All great batsmen have the patience to wait for the loose deliveries. That's where they score the most runs.

Let's take Sachin's batting in test matches as an example. He scored 8,646 runs in 2,127 balls by hitting boundaries (4s and 6s). That is about 7% of the 29,437 balls he faced in test matches. This means he waited patiently for 93% of the deliveries he faced - either by leaving the ball or taking that unexciting single or double.

The number for ODIs isn't much different. He scored 9,234 runs via boundaries in roughly 10% of the deliveries he faced. Budding cricketers who want to become great batsmen have a lot to learn from Sachin.

And so do traders.

Good trading is not very different from good batting. Like batting, trading is also a lot about patience. You have to be patient enough to wait for that loose delivery when trading. The market often throws loose deliveries that turn out to be big winners. But to capitalise on the opportunity, one has to wait patiently and take the ones and twos regularly.

The ones and twos are the breakeven and nominally profitable trades.

Traders often find it difficult to sit out patiently when the markets are not giving any meaningful opportunity. They take trades they shouldn't and give in to the temptation of being active in the markets. They break the rules they set for themselves...and repent later on.

When you face the impulse to trade for the sake of trading, remember this: On average, Sachin scored boundaries in less than 10% of the deliveries he faced. The rest of the time, he was just batting to survive. But he still finished as one of the game's all-time greats.

Imagine if you could replicate the same in trading!

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7 Responses to "Trade Like Sachin Tendulkar"
Asit Chandra
26 Dec, 2015
Hi, I liked your analogy. But most people think stock mkt is a T20 match and rush to their doom. We can of course take heart from the fact Sachin also scored Ducks but he did not give up. Therefore patience is the key occasional set backs notwithstanding.Like 
18 Dec, 2015
Dear Apoorva Sir, Want to Appreciate your writing style (linking of practical life examples with your subject matter, clear & lucid style, way to approach your writing subject etc) Love reading your knowledge packed articles. Thanks for sharing..Like 
17 Dec, 2015
Dear Apoorva Sir I love to read your articles the way yoy take marvellous practical interesting examples which yoy link with trading ando also can be understood well even by beginners who dows not no abc of trading. Thanks & Rgds J.K.MendirataLike (1)
Deepak Sujera
17 Dec, 2015
Very good article and very nice comparison of trading with Cricket at the end of the day both are mind and patience games and whoever excels wins the game. Thank you and once again excellent article and made a new thought of scoring 1 and 2 rather then hitting 4 and 6.Like 
17 Dec, 2015
Thanks Asad for the nice post, it applies to our life in general as well. We are always hopping around trying to find opportunities to make it big and end up making mistakes too often... Guess waiting for the right opportunity and striking like Sachin is a wonderful lesson for the day...Like 
16 Dec, 2015
This is absolutely right and one of the best strstegyLike 
16 Dec, 2015
Hi, Do you mean to say that only a very few can succeed in trading like Sachin Tendulkar did in cricket ? Because if it was so easy, there would have been a lot of them to compete with him. Do you mean to say trading is not so easy that a lot of traders can succeed ? Like 
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