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  • How to Trade the News

    News moves markets, sometimes significantly. Most traders have firsthand experience of news impacting their portfolio. You may find the perfect bullish trade setup, only to have some bad news sink the stock lower. This problem is worse for those using technical patterns, indicators, or systems for their trades. Past prices help you predict future prices, but only up to a point. Past prices don't predict news.

    Nonetheless, you can find ways to profit from the news. How do you incorporate news into your trading strategy? First, it's important to distinguish between scheduled and unscheduled news. Scheduled news includes RBI or Fed announcements, company earnings announcements, etc. While the content of the news is unknown, the timing is known in advance. You can plan for it. Unscheduled news occurs without warning. You can't plan for this. But you can react appropriately.  Read More

  • What Will You Do If the Nifty Crashes 10.69% Tomorrow?

    Four things to do if the Nifty crashes more than 10% in a day.  Read More

  • Trump's Leak Shakes Global Financial Markets

    A weekly roundup tracking developments in the global economy as well as stock, currency, and commodity markets.  Read More

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